Special Needs Therapy in Waldwick

At Sensory Taekwon-Do, we believe that martial arts can serve as a wonderful therapudic tool. Our program does not just workout the body, but also the mind. Based on leading neurological studies, our Martial Arts program promotes healthier brain activity, improved balance, awareness, muscle cooridnation, strength, and functional memory.

This kind of Taekwondo therapy for special needs children inolves all of the senses into each session. From the music we play, designed specifically to facilitate better left and right brain functions, to the tactile engagement brought in through the use of climbing walls and other equipment, Sensory TKD excercises each of the senses to promote a healthier mind and body.

All of our special needs taekwon-do groups are taught by black belt instructors who have vast experience not only in the martial art itself, but in working with children with various special needs. Call us today to enroll your child in Sensory Taekwon-Do!