"Diego, diagnosed with anxiety and OCD. Taking Sensory TKD a short time, we have seen improvements in him socially and verbally. He's more independent and confident amongst peers. I recommend this program to anyone with special needs." - Maria O.

"Our 5 year old ASD son Jayden began Sensory TKD 4 months ago. We have already notice vast improvements in listening, eye contact and verbal communication. I would highly recommend Sensory TKD for any child with ASD." - Kevin S.

"My ASD son Adrian has lost weight. His non-therapeutic behaviors have decreased by 75%. He's increased social interactions. I also noticed an increase in his focus, verbalizations and independence. Thank You!" - Indira

"Since Vincent started Sensory TKD, I have noticed he is more focused and able to follow directions, improved muscle tone. He looks forward to class and enjoys working with the instructors." - Arthur Z.

"Sensory TKD has been like finding a treasure. Rocco is stronger. His school physical therapist notice him more coordinated and asked what I was doing at home. I told her it was Sensory TKD and she could see the difference." - Sarah