About Sensory Taekwon-Do

Sensory Tae-Kwon-Do is a unique Martial Arts program for children on the spectrum. It is a breakthrough martial arts program custom designed based on each child's neurological profile.

The core of this program is extracted from cutting edge neurological studies that incorporate movement exercise to help create healthier pathways in the brain.

By stimulating areas in the brain that incorporate balance, body awareness, muscle coordination, strength and working memory, we can promote growth and improve connectivity within the pathways of the brain.

Children on the spectrum are often affected by a wide range of symptoms. To be effective treatment requires a whole brain, whole body approach. We achieve this by incorporating a diverse one-to-one treatment program which includes nutritional coaching.

Sensory Tae-kwon-do incorporates the senses during the sessions. The auditory is stimulated by playing music specifically designed to right brain and left brain functions. Visual senses are used when students are modeling the instructor. Vestibular encompasses balance and this worked on heavily during the session. Proprioceptive involves the sense of position of your body parts. Students must use this sense to focus on where they are placing their own body parts are they are performing the martial art exercise. The tactile or sense of touch is brought in throughout the session with the climbing wall, balls and other equipment that is used during the group.

Our Instructors
Dr. Kerry Escamilla, D.C

Dr. Kerry Escamilla, D.C

2nd Degree Black Belt

Dr. Kerry is the Director and Innovator of Sensory Taekwon-Do. He has advanced training in neurology and functional medicine with emphasis on early childhood spectrum disorders. Conducting years of brain research and biomedical interventions, Dr. Kerry has treated many children on the spectrum. His whole brain/whole body approach to treatment has its roots in his marital arts background.

As a 2nd degree black belt, Dr. Kerry knows the benefits martial arts have for children on the spectrum. It has shown to improve concentration and focus by providing a consistent and highly structured environment.

The program has now evolved to include sensory integration therapies and nutritional interventions thus making it a truly whole body- whole brain approach to treatment.

Master Young N. Kim

Master Young N. Kim

5th Degree Black Belt

I became interested in Taekwon-Do as a young child. After exposure to organized sports I returned to Taekwon-Do with renewed enthusiasm. In 1983, renown Master S.J. Kim taught me traditional Taekwon-Do; demanding technical excellence and unyielding discipline as a way of life. Since then, I ran my own 'Kim's TKD' school in upper Manhattan for the next eight years. In 2000, with the advancement of TKD into the Olympics, I have studied and taught Olympic style TKD. I furthered my martial arts training in 'Hapkido' under the world-renowned instructor, Grandmaster Kang, Ik Jo.

In the summer of 2011, Dr. Kerry Escamilla asked me to help him add technical input and perform modified Taekwon-Do patterns for his learning disabilities program.

Sensei Mario Diaz

Sensei Mario Diaz Has over 40 years of martial arts training experience.

Sensei Diaz