After School Taekwondo Programs

Opening project for Fall of 2014!

Sensory Tae Kwon Do's After School Program

Studies show that students who participate in after-school activities have higher academic achievement, improved social competence, higher aspirations, and other benefits, compared with students who do not. The news is that youth with disabilities benefit even more than the non-disabled.

"Unfortunately, youth who have activity limitations or mental disabilities ' special needs youth ' often have less access to after-school programs and other recreation, even when they are attending the same schools and the same classes as their neighbors.

About one in 10 families has a child age 5-17 with a disability. Since 1976, the government has mandated their inclusion in the public schools. Yet they remain grossly underrepresented in after-school programs, according to Kids Included Together, a California support group. Barriers can include physical ones (such as stairs), communication barriers, lack of adequate transportation, and lack of confidence. Youth with disabilities often feel disconnected from society and sometimes give up trying to make friends.

That is where we come in! Our Sensory Taekwondo-Do Center will provide vital tools needed to help improve and foster the social experiences of children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in a supportive, fun environment. Families will be able to see their children thrive as they experience new social connections and interactions. Our After School Program is staffed with trained ABA therapists to provide support for any child who needs it. All staff is fingerprinted and had background checks to ensure the safety of all students.

Our Taekwon-Do groups are taught by black belt instructors who have experience working with children on the spectrum.

The parent/guardian/custodian will be responsible for payment of any fees from enrollment until withdrawal from the program. All tuition fees must be kept current in order for child care services to be provided.

After School Taekwondo Programs